I try not to talk with people that dont have the same interests as I do because it saves me the headache of realizing they cannot understand me.

Does anyone else feels the same way?

So it begins the season. Hell to the yeah for all things pumpkin.
I basically got like 4, 5 weeks to lose 10 pounds since I bought so much cookies/ chips / candy / liquor / soda to splurge over AWA weekend. Like $100 dollars worth of good shit.

So it begins the season. Hell to the yeah for all things pumpkin.

I basically got like 4, 5 weeks to lose 10 pounds since I bought so much cookies/ chips / candy / liquor / soda to splurge over AWA weekend. Like $100 dollars worth of good shit.

8 out of 10. Akaicon to me, was pretty good and made up for the craziness MTAC had. Usually small conventions like these are a gamble for me since there’s the possibility of being bored, but on the other hand, the chances of making friends and relaxing remain ever high.

Last time, I mentioned that I got in the fashion show and was pretty much looking forward only to that event, but little did I know I’d have so much fun!


Friday was pretty crazy. I was held back a work a little bit due to meeting some tight deadlines and as soon as I was finished I bolted straight to my car and left. I really wanted to buy a ticket for Saturday so I wouldn’t need to show up late and wait in lines so I sped through the entire way. The hills and mountains of TN is always a pleasure to see and drive through especially on the drive from Atlanta to Nashville. With my best efforts I was able to arrive there with several minutes to spare, but realized that they only accepted cash since the credit card processing was down. Luckily, a friend of mine helped me and I was on my way to sleep in since practice was at 9:00am.


Saturday, the day of the fashion show. I woke up extra early and got some delicious pancakes at a local restaurant nearby. A simple meal really, such as egg whites and pancakes but the pancakes were like a cloud full of heaven as I ate piece by piece. I could see why the restaurant had people waiting in line at 6:00am!

Practice went well. The actually show on the other hand, went a little bad since I kinda tensed up and messed up my smile. I think my mouth was shaking harder than shake-weight so I had a goofy smirk haha. I’d like to thank the participants, the audience, and the hosts who made it all possible since fashion for me, it’s more than just clothes. It’s my life. I don’t talk a lot so I rely on my clothes to do the talking. It’s much more than looking good for it acts as a strength to my weaknesses. I really hope to participate in more shows so I can help others in a way.


Okay, now for the actual con talk. I think this convention has the potential to grow grow bigger, and at the same time keep the level of fun that was present. It offered a variety of panels to keep the anime fan, gamers, cosplayers, and fashion oriented people entertained. Would I be there next year? Hell yes. Honestly, I think it offered much more fun than MTAC did this year without all of the hassles and disappointments. I met with old convention friends, made some new friends, and just had fun.

Was it worth driving 4hrs to this convention? Yeah. Flying towards this convention though, not really sure since you’d be either meeting friends, a hardcore convention goer, or loaded with cash and free-time.

Just curious? Would you ever consider dating a guy? If you makes you feel more comfortable, i would. I'm a little "curious" even though i've never been with anyone

Probably not unless it was one of those MtF and we were already dating. I’m a little like Taro from the anime Okami-san and her Seven Companions. Men usually don’t interest me (platonic or romantic) unless they like a lot of things that I like.

I give it about 6 more months to a year until I can use my real hair for VK.

Jacket: NiNE
Vest: Sixh.
Necklace: h.NAOTO
Pants: Sixh.
Shoes: Levi’s

My Akaicon review will be sometime this week or next, after I come back from a lolita meet 

I’m still alive. Akaicon came. Akaicon delivered. Tennessee was a whole lots of fun, I can’t wait till AWA rolls around. More to come later.

Well, got some good news. I got accepted to be a model at Akaicon’s Cosplay/Fashion show, so most likely going to bust out the ouji in full Putumayo. Already it’s been almost a year since I got into J-fashion and the space in my closet is getting smaller by the minute!

Probably going to switch to punk/VK wear in the evening. Sunday’s outfit is probably going to be more ouji or if I’m feeling lazy, a punk outfit.

In other news, my twin bro is coming back from Korea around late Nov. or early December. I’ma see if I can dress him up in ouji too, but not sure if I can because he’s a bit taller and slimmer than I am.

The Last Farewell by Big Bang
Back in the day in K-land. Pump it Up is diferent from DDR since the diagonal arrows and the middle button allows for more natural movements.

Punk coord for a fruits meetup in Atlanta. I haven’t been wearing boystyle since it’s been too hot lately. Well, I just found out that one of my jackets I couldn’t coord with has DETACHABLE sleeves. I think I did okay with my coord, and I shall be feasting on various fruits instead of wearing them :D


Jacket: Algonquins

Necklace: Putumayo

Pants: F+F

Socks: Metamorphose temps de Fille

Shoes: Levi’s



none of that was expected.

I have seen this at least five times and every time the ending takes me by surprise

Dammit, I cant seem to get a break.

Ringworm, then a crazy ass fever out nowhere. Just when things are starting to get better, I get hit with a dance injury. I was dancing when it felt like I broke my leg, but it was a calf muscle being pulled. Scariest 5 mins of my life.

Now Im laying on my bed and contemplating if I should go to Akaicon in Nashville during August. The fashion/cosplay show seems intetesting and they are taking models till the 20th. I suppose Ill go for the experience and learn something new and probably going to wear a Putumayo coord since its so hot.

Jacket: Black Peace Now

Pants: Alice and the Pirates

Shoes: Levi’s

Necklace: Offbrand

Finally decided to hit up a coord. Due to some deals gone wrong, I finally decided to go to church. “You know the dress code. Pants and a jacket,” my mum said as she left the house. I couldn’t wear the pants in the past because I couldn’t think of a way to make it fit, but I guess this random Sunday, I made it work.

The looks I got in church, though. They kept ushering me to the young adults instead of the adults section


Photos taken by M. This, I believe was the first con (Momocon 2010) that I encountered the lolita fashion. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years.

And for some reason, I look better now than I was 4 years ago? haha.

wow I’m still alive. Been through hell and back lately. Almost got ran over while I was walking to my car due to some jackass looking at the wrong way, I literally had to jump more than 5 feet while that car was doing a good 15mph in the parking lot.

Contracted a case of ringworm. So I’m down for the count, laying off the exercise to further heal myself when all of a sudden I get this crazy fever. Like I started to need a blanket for work since it was so cold (then I noticed the thermostat at 80 degrees). I barely last through the work day when I had to leave early and literally crawled into my bed, all in shivers. Didn’t even have time to tell A that I was okay. T_T

Spent my off day resting some more and drinking… soup. I wasn’t really hungry, but I knew drinking soup and lots of fluids would get my body prepped and hopefully flush it out of my system quicker. The next day, boy did I get my appetite back.

In other news, July is going to be a slow month. Little to no conventions I’m interested in going to since it’s rather hot. I just want fall and winter to come early so I can wear my jackets and coats. I might put on some weight and shed it off during August to gain some more muscle mass, so we shall see how it goes.